Joone+ subscription Timeless AW

JOONE designed the safest, chicest nappy for your baby, and it now comes with recyclable olive oil wipes

Your JOONE Nappies + Wipes box will arrive carrying 3 packs of nappies in the print and size of your choice and 3 packs of wipes

We all love marketing a lot, but we value even more the truth. JOONE is the only nappy company to give you all the information to make an educated choice. Like, literally, all the informations. If you haven't checked out our full product page for nappies and wipes, make sure you do. We explain every single thing about our products there.   We're as transparent as they come. 

Truth comes with the highest standards of quality and flexibility. We don't want any parent to feel compelled to stay with us, or to feel cheated. 

Your membership can be   put on hold or cancelled  at any time and no cost. You can   change recurrence  of delivery to better fit your needs for free. You can r eturn un-opened packs  for free. You can chat or call or email us as often as you want with all your questions for free.

Basically,   we adjust JOONE to your needs, no the other way around. 

JOONE stands for 

* radical  transparence in manufacturing

* style

* safe and clean products

* made in France

If you have questions about our products, please visit our FAQ  age. If you are still not sure, we're usually live on the chat box at the bottom of the page. 

If you live outside of the UK, check out the website. We deliver almost everywhere on the planet.