Diaper Cake per size


JOONE offers a fabulous  do it yourself kit which you can use to create a highly original   diaper cake thanks to our nappies’ unique designs and magnificient colours.

You can either buy your Diaper Cake

  • Already assembled, delivered to your home for 189€
  • Kit with all accessories and instructions for 54,90€ or 74,90€ for the big

Each kit includes everything you need :

  • A gold base
  • A central tube with adhesive
  • Silicon rubber bands
  • String and ribbons corresponding to the chosen pattern
  • A clear and simple video tutorial
  • And our nappies of course.

It is a perfect thing to do with your friends so you can spoil the luckiest future mum at her baby shower !

Whales : La Baleine nappies with peach and tree green ribbon

Watermelon : Pasteque nappies with red and tree green ribbon

Navy : Navy nappes with red and blue ribbon

Rose Chéri:  Rose Chéri nappies with pink and gold glitter ribbon

Pinguin : Pinguin nappies with red, blue and silver glitter ribbon 

Fox : Fox nappies with grey and brown ribbon